How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue


Planning a wedding is a process fraught with daunting choices, not least that of your wedding venue, which for many couples is the most important decision of all.

Your venue after all provides the backdrop for your wedding day celebrations; it’s the canvas on which your happiest memories will be painted, so it’s not a choice to be made lightly. If you haven’t yet chosen your wedding venue, we at Flawless Weddings and Events recommend following these steps to help you find the ultimate setting for your special day.

Write Your Guest List First

Choosing your perfect wedding venue should always start with your guest list. Finalise yours before searching for venues, or you’re sure to be disappointed when your list is too long for the wedding venue you want.

It’s helpful to make a minimum guest list comprising of friends and family who absolutely must be there. Then you can quickly eliminate venues that would be too small, or add to the guest list if there is room to do so.

Choose a Location

If you and your spouse are from the same area, deciding on a venue location shouldn’t be too tough, but if your respective friends and families are some distance apart then choosing a place to get married can become tricky.

If there’s a location that is special to both of you, whether it’s where you both live, or a place you’ve visited together, take a look at venues there. Alternatively you could get married somewhere that is equal distance from both of your hometowns, or if your budget allows, you could even have your wedding day in one location and then a second celebration in the other!

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Make a List of Possible Dates – The More, the Better

High-demand wedding venues start taking bookings years in advance. Friends and family may be demanding to know your wedding date the second you announce that you’re engaged, but if you want to have the best choice of venues, you should be as flexible with dates as possible.

Of course you may already have a special date in mind, whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday, on which you aren’t prepared to compromise. Otherwise you should view wedding venues armed with a list of several potential dates, as well as dates that are absolutely off-limits.

And don’t just restrict your dates to Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Mid-week or late-year weddings have become trendy in recent years, particularly among teachers taking advantage of the school holidays, and you’ll often find that wedding venues are drastically cheaper during the week. Consider an off-peak wedding and you may get your dream venue for thousands less than you expected – plus your guests have an excuse to take a holiday from work!

Consider Whether You Need Accommodation

When your guest list is finalised and you’ve chosen the wedding venue location, take stock of how many guests will require overnight accommodation. This may lead you to choose a wedding venue with guest rooms, or at least ensure that there is a good choice of affordable hotels or B&B’s nearby.

If you’re getting married in the area where you live, you could even ask nearby friends whether they’d mind offering their spare bedrooms for the night.

Check the Distance from Your Church or Registry Office

If your wedding ceremony and reception are in different venues, it’s crucial to check how long the journey between the two will be, and how you expect that your guests will travel.

They could drive from the ceremony to the reception, but your guests may not wish to bring their cars. You could arrange transport for your guests, such as a wedding bus, but this can add hundreds of pounds to the cost of your day. If all else fails, include a few taxi numbers in your wedding invitations!

Finalise Your Budget

Many things on your wedding day are negotiable – but this rarely ever includes your budget. It’s a bad idea to view potential wedding venues without a clear budget in mind, lest you both fall in love with a venue and have your hearts broken when you realise you can’t afford it.

However, there may be ways to make your wedding venue cheaper. As we mentioned earlier, off-peak weddings may be more affordable, and a smaller guest list helps too. Talk to your wedding venue frankly about cutting the cost and you never know what may happen.

Draw Up a Shortlist – and Go Visit!

So, now the fun begins! Research venues to check that they meet your initial needs, then contact the team there to start arranging viewings.

Don’t think of wedding venue visits as a chore. This is an opportunity for you to get a feel for the venue, and for the wedding team to sell it to you and make you feel assured that it’s where you’ll have the wedding of your dreams. Take along a list of questions to ask your wedding venue to make sure they cover everything you need to know.

Above all, when choosing your wedding venue, be prepared to compromise. Know your deal-breakers and always remember that marrying the person you love, surrounded by your family and friends, will be what really makes your day special – no matter where it takes place!

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