The Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue


Viewing potential wedding venues is undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. It’s your opportunity as a couple to let your imaginations loose and visualise your own big day taking place in a special setting, but before you sign the contract and hand over your cash, it’s important to make absolutely sure it’s the right venue for you.

That’s why you should go armed with a list of questions to ask your wedding venue that will put your minds at ease – especially when they’re running wild. Here are the questions that we at Flawless Weddings and Events recommend that you ask to ensure that your dream wedding venue is exactly that.

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Are we the only wedding that day?

If the wedding venue is large, it’s possible that multiple weddings may be held there on one day. This may be a deal-breaker for couples that hope to have exclusive use of the whole site, and if you also plan to have your wedding ceremony there, you may be asked to compromise on your ceremony time too.

If sharing the wedding venue with another couple isn’t a problem, at least ask how the weddings will be staffed. You may have your own dedicated team throughout the day, or there may just be one team that oversees the whole venue. It’s then up to you to decide whether you’re satisfied with their answer.

How much is the deposit and how are we required to pay?

You may be asked to pay a deposit promptly to secure your venue, especially if it’s in high demand, so ask right away how much the deposit will be.

It’s also crucial to ask how and when you should pay the remainder of the cost, and whether it’s possible to spread your payments. Some venues may be more flexible than others, so if you have any concerns about the cost, don’t be afraid to bring them up.

Do you require a minimum number of guests?

Another very important question to ask your wedding venue is whether there are restrictions on the minimum spend, or number of guests for each wedding. Some venues may only place restrictions on guest numbers on certain days, so if you are planning to have a very small, intimate wedding, there may still be room for negotiation.

Of course you should also find out if there is a maximum number of guests that can be accommodated too, especially if you both have large extended families or friendship groups!

Do we have to use your suppliers?

It’s very common for a wedding venue to have a list of ‘preferred suppliers’ for everything from food to fireworks, and some may even impose a fee for using your own suppliers. So if you were hoping to have a very specific caterer at your wedding, want to bring all your own drinks or even your own DJ, find out straight away whether this is possible as it could affect which venue you choose.

The upside to using a venue’s preferred suppliers however is that they already have a great mutual partnership in place, the suppliers are familiar with the type and size of the venue, and they may even offer discounts or special benefits.

Are there any late bar or noise restrictions?

Some wedding venues may have a cut-off time for bar service or even for noise; this is quite typical of venues that are in or close to a residential area as they don’t want to experience complaints from their neighbours!

If you’d like your wedding party to go on for as long as your legs can carry you, or you have friends and family with a tendency to get very merry after a few celebratory glasses of champagne, establish the important details of their licensing permits when you pay your first visit.

Are there any restrictions on decorations?

It’s your wedding, so you’ll want to put your own stamp on the venue space, but some venues – particularly historical or listed buildings – may not allow certain types of decorations that may damage the existing décor.

This can include certain types of flowers that can be likely to leave pollen stains, candles with naked flames and outdoor paper lanterns. You may also be forbidden from taping, pinning, gluing or nailing decorations to a surface, or hanging things from curtain rails.

What you should also ask your wedding venue is whether there are any other restrictions you should know about; for example, guests being required to wear heel covers on high-heeled shoes to avoid marking the floors or grass, or to not throw confetti within the venue grounds.

Will we be able to access the venue before and after the wedding for setting up and clearing away?
Depending on how much you plan to decorate your wedding venue, you may need to go to the venue early, or even the day before. This won’t be a problem for most venues unless there is another event taking place immediately before your wedding, but it’s a vital question to ask so that you can plan the smooth running of your special day.

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